Barcode tags

Self-adhesive sticker. Stickers to bear water and Sun, scratching, temperatures and feature by length glue

Thermal —— without ribbon

Transfer  —— half glossy – matt

Colors on demand

Ink roll

Black and white ink roller

3 cm —– 6 cm

Prints in temperatures 100-150 ° c

Hot foil

Heat rollers used in Flow Back machines to print on plastic bags and all food products

The temperature of printing from 90 to 110 degrees.

There are all sizes :

Colors: black availab and also blue and white ( By request )

Fast Jet F550

Printing Capability

  • Can print 1 to 4 lines of the print at speed up to 490 meter/min
  • Front option: 5×5,5×7,7×9,11×9,16×11,24×16,32×24
  • Maximum print dot: 34
  • Character height: 2-12mm
  • Print distance: best distance 10mm, and range 2-20mm
  • Current and expiration time, date coding and shift coding serialize

Working Conditions

  • Power Supply: 200-240 v/50-60hz
  • Working Temperature: 5-45C
  • Working Humidity: 0-90%

Print Head & Umbilical

– Stainless Steel Print head Dimension

  • Diameter 35mm
  • Length 260mm

– Umbilical Dimension:

  • Diameter 21mm
  • Length 2.5 meter, or customize


  • Positive air kit
  • Product sensor
  • Print head stand
  • Maintenance kit
  • Conveyor belt
  • Paging machine

Approximate Weight

  • Unpacked and dry: 27KG
  • Packed and dry: 48KG

Ribbon printing

Used to print on plastic or paper barcode sticker so that Ribbon wax resin of fortitude on the surface for printing those materials.