Fast Jet F550

Printing Capability

  • Can print 1 to 4 lines of the print at speed up to 490 meter/min
  • Front option: 5×5,5×7,7×9,11×9,16×11,24×16,32×24
  • Maximum print dot: 34
  • Character height: 2-12mm
  • Print distance: best distance 10mm, and range 2-20mm
  • Current and expiration time, date coding and shift coding serialize

Working Conditions

  • Power Supply: 200-240 v/50-60hz
  • Working Temperature: 5-45C
  • Working Humidity: 0-90%

Print Head & Umbilical

– Stainless Steel Print head Dimension

  • Diameter 35mm
  • Length 260mm

– Umbilical Dimension:

  • Diameter 21mm
  • Length 2.5 meter, or customize


  • Positive air kit
  • Product sensor
  • Print head stand
  • Maintenance kit
  • Conveyor belt
  • Paging machine

Approximate Weight

  • Unpacked and dry: 27KG
  • Packed and dry: 48KG

Ribbon printing

Used to print on plastic or paper barcode sticker so that Ribbon wax resin of fortitude on the surface for printing those materials.

360T Handheld TIJ inkjet printer

Printer Introduction

1. Original imported quick-drying ink box, instant printing, quick-drying, detachable and replaceable,clear printing

2. Handheld online dual use

3. Intelligent touch screen operation, clear coding, import graphics with u disk

4. Removable battery, battery can be charged separately

5. Equipped with ergonomic balance, comfortable grip and easy printing

6. Date editing, import graphics,dot words, serial number coding

7. When the code is being printed, the roller is in contact with the product to be sprayed, and it can be sprayed according to the direction you want to spray, which is easy to operate.

8. Large-caliber inkjet nozzle, which can be sprayed evenly on a flat object. The highest printing height is 12.7mm.

9. The black button on the working handle of the machine is the print button. When printing, keep pressing the button to complete it.

10. Exquisite packaging box with a sponge cushion to prevent damage to the

Technical Parameter

  • Select able Languages:- English, Chinese,Korea, Arabic
  • Display:- 108mm65mm
  • Operation Menu:- Digital Menu Selection (DMS) for easy operation
  • Control Panel:- Intelligent touch screen
  • Printing direction:- adjusted within 360 degree, meet all kinds of production needs
  • Plug-n-print Design:- Hewlett-Packard TIJ 2.5 printing technology
  • Printable Images:- Alphanumeric, Logo, Expiry Date, Date / Time, Shift Code,

                                         Lot-box Code and Barcode, Counter

  • Printable Lines&Heights:- 1, 2, 3, 4 lines.Total line height is limited to 12.7mm (0.5”)
  • Heights:- 2.7mm, 3.6mm, 5.5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12.7mm

                     ( 0.11”, 0.14”, 0.22”, 0.31”, 0.39”, 0.5” )

  • Print Speed:- 60 meters / minute at 300DPI horizontal resolution
  • Print Distance:-  2-5mm(from nozzle to print material)
  • Print Precision:- 300-600DPI
  • Flow Serial number:- Variable sequence number from one to eight
  • Message Storage Capacity:- no limit
  • Cartridge Color:- Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow,white
  • Cartridge Type:- fast dry Hp ink
  • Print Font Library:- Complete synchronization of PC computers and cellphones
  • Dimension(H/W/D):- 14374*190(mm)
  • Weight:- 0.996Kg
  • Battery Parameters:- DC14.8V lithium battery
  • Operating Temperature Range:- 0℃~ 40℃ ,humidity 10-80%

Packaging stretch


-Industrial packaging:

  • 10 cm —— 50 cm
  • Sold by the kilogram

-Food packaging:

  • 30 cm ­—— 35 cm
  • Two reels by carton


we have :

All colors and sizes of Scotch on demand

Available in all micron. On demand

The possibility of printing on it